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The Most Trusted Real Estate Rating Guide In New York City (NYC)
About - The Most Trusted Real Estate Rating Guide In New York City (NYC)
Posted by Josh Goldberg over 9 years ago

The Most Trusted Real Estate Rating Guide In New York City (NYC)

We are a New York City real estate rating website, helping you find residential and commercial listings for sale or rent, which also provides you with real estate information at the local level to help you make better decisions in the process. Our goal is to be a smart partner when you are looking to buy or rent a space. The unique building rating section should help you find your desired space and has empowered thousands of savvy consumers by providing them with a vehicle of knowledge. You will also find data and information about your local real estate market without too much work. The delightful building rating function should make your decision making easy and fast.

Now on you can get access to building ratings and reviews for all Condos, Coops, Rentals and Commercial Buildings in New York City. Plus you can see videos, photos, virtual tours, and stay up-to-date with the latest listings and information using our “building update system”.

Whether you are moving down the street or to other areas in New York City, is here to help you understand the New York city real estate market on a local level. When you are about to make the biggest financial decision of your life, we help you understand more about the building you are about to move in to by providing you with compared similar homes on the market, and similar homes that have recently sold in your ZIP code and neighborhood. is also a tool for real estate professionals to market their listings, view real estate data and promote their services. If you are a broker, agent,  developer, landlord or a managing agent, we’ve got a real estate marketing package just for you.

Our long term aspiration is to be a trusted, useful, up-to-date, easy and fun-to-read source for New York City Real Estate users. Launched a number of years ago, we are now New York City’s leading provider of consumer survey-based information on real estate. With ratings and reviews based on the opinions of thousands surveyors from around New York City, InsideRater’s survey has become the most trusted source to help consumers make informed decisions about their real estate needs. surveyors are frequent and knowledgeable in each of the categories they rate. Their real estate knowledge and market experiences are expertly reflected into ratings and concise, witty quotes, provide accurate, swift guidance for a wide variety of real estate activities. InsideRater’s unique approach separately rates the distinct qualities of building categories (Amenities, Architecture, Building Staff, Cleanliness, Developer, Finishes, Lobby, Management, Neighborhood, Noise, On-Site Office, Parking, Safety) based on a grading system. then calculates this information with data-based index format that allows users to search efficiently and access the rating data of interests.

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