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Today's Affirmation
Posted by Heather McCrae over 6 years ago

Today I Give Thanks and Remember

Whatever your political views are, today is an opportunity to give thanks, even privately in your own heart, for those who gave their lives in the name of peace and freedom. If today is a day you honour for a loved-one who perished in a war, you can look back at their life with gratitude and hope for a better day and thank them for their service to your country.

If today is a difficult day for you because of war, dwell on Peace. Consider those like Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Metger Evers, or Malcolm X, If you are not an American, perhaps you can think of someone in your home country who died in the cause of peace.

Remember, remember, the 11th of November, and set your heart on gratitude, and peace.

Affirmation: I honour this day in my own way, setting my mind and heart on gratitude and peace

Goal: Find out who died for the cause of peace in your country or in your life and give thanks

Tools: The Poppy, research, your mind, your heart, your community

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