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Meds, Milestones, and Me
Posted by Heather McCrae over 6 years ago

I was supposed to write the second installment on Qabalah and Business, but I am celebrating a milestone today. I am off medication for depression and AD/HD- completely. I gently weaned myself off my meds over a period of several weeks.  I was diagnosed several years ago when I was working my 4th step in ALANON. The medication saved my life-literally. I am not writing this to use words like “cured” and “overcome” because I am not cured of anything, and I am beyond grateful for the medication, and those involved in the making of it.

Like many people, my childhood totally sucked. My family dealt with issues ranging from mental illness to Autism Spectrum, to abuse, to terminal illness. I had LOTS of learning, study and therapy after my mother died when I was 19. I was addicted to drama and chaos-many of us with Autism Spectrum issues are. I didn’t know I was depressed until I took the medication I was prescribed and experienced the difference. It was mind-blowing.

I get really frustrated with those who like to make things simpler or bigger than they are. Each of us is different. Just because I am not taking medication, it doesn’t mean I never really had depression and AD/HD or that I’m deluding myself by not taking medication now.

I did not walk away from the medication without something in its place. I pray, meditate and do rituals I learned through classes with The Modern Mystery School. They have enhanced my ALANON program and helped me stay clean and clear.

Today matters to me because I am able, as never before, to take full responsibility for my life. This is my task as a Coach and Guide for my clients-to lead them to a place where they can do the same-in their own time, in their own way, without judgment.

I am very grateful today, SuperPeople! Very grateful indeed!

Love and Light to you!

Heather M. McCrae, MM Med

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