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Hand coded WordPress website with PSD to WordPress conversion
Posted by Adam Parker over 6 years ago
In today's time, the benefits of having a website need not be explained. It is most convenient and quickest mean to reach out to the users online. Even the Internet usage has increased remarkably over the past few years. An average person today trusts the Internet medium for superior quality and effective services and surf through the same to find the solutions for their various needs. Realizing the same, a lot of corporate houses, no matter how big or small they are, have started considering the idea of getting a website.

Getting a custom made website could be quite an intimidating and overwhelming task, not only the website development but the subsequent maintenance of the website calls for a proactive effort on the part of the website owners. One of the very comforting and easy solution that lies with  the website owners, to easily develop, manage and sustain their web application is PSD to WordPress conversion.

WordPress is an effective open source publishing platform which is being widely used for developing and maintaining websites. It is regarded as one of the most easy to use content management system for a website. WordPress conversion provides you with the option of widgets, with which you can update your website with hand drag and drop options. Besides it follows plugin architecture owing to which the scope and scale of the WordPress powered website can anytime be increased, with the addition of a plugin. If you opt for professional PSD to WordPress conversion, you also receive customized plugins catering to the specific requirement of your business.

PSD to WordPress theme conversion lets you achieve highly customized WordPress websites. Though WordPress CMS offers its users a plethora of themes and designs, but they have been widely used before by various users for their blogs or website. Opting for the conversion services gives you a dynamic website based on the design you specified.

In order to convert PSD to HTML/WordPress, a web developer first has to perform the task of PSD to HTML conversion. HTML is the language which Internet recognizes and every web page is based upon HTML or similar markup conversions. The markup conversion makes the PSD file highly browser compatible and search engine friendly.

Never opt for automated software to convert PSD to CSS/WordPress as the software converted products sustains glitch in the functioning and results in the highly corrupted and dysfunctional website. Manual or hand coding is the best option for carrying out the conversions. Under it the PSD file is sliced into different layers like the Header, Footer, body part and etc. The slicing is essential in ensuring pixel perfection of the website and is performed manually by the developers and the same is then effectively coded for different sections.

A hand coded product is essential for success in the online world. To begin with, it carries a W3C validation without which no website can function efficiently in the online arena. Besides it is cross browser compatible and pixel perfect, i.e. the aesthetic purpose of the website is met. Lastly through superior markup conversion a website can be made optimized for search engines, by using proper keywords in the URL, Header Tags, Image Tags and a thorough Meta tag description.
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