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PSD to XHTML Conversion Process
Posted by Adam Parker over 6 years ago
In the world of web development PSD to HTML/XHTML conversion has become very popular. Some developers opt for XHTML which is an advanced version of the HTML markup. This web development technique ensures that you get an absolutely unique website which caters to the niche needs of your business. The HTML files can easily be integrated into popular CMS solutions such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. When you convert PSD to HTML you also get a website which performance well on the search engine.

Step By Step PSD to XHTML Conversion

Designing and Slicing : The process starts with designing the website as an image in Photoshop. This gives you immense freedom to design the website just the way you want. Once you are through with designing you need to slice the image to different sections of the website such as banner, logo, footer, navigation panel. Each and every element needs to be saves as an image which can be done by slicing the elements into different layers in Photoshop. The slicing needs to be done with surgical precession to ensure that different sections of the website have distinctive features of their own in terms of functionality.

Markup Coding : The different elements of the website need to be coded into HTML/XHTML to make them web compatible. In this process the images are manually coded using semantic coding techniques where the elements are well defined. This improves the performance of the website on the search engines as crawlers find it easy to index the elements. The codes undergo W3C validation which pinpoints the errors in the markup codes and allows you to rectify them. Any error in the HTML/XHTML coding dents the performance of the website.

PSD to CSS : Any website to be visually attractive has to be uniform and this is achieved with the help of the Cascading Style Sheet. PSD to CSS conversion standardizes your website in terms of the fonts used; the color scheme applied and images sizes and position. CSS separates the content from the design element giving you a lot of freedom with what you publish on your website. The CSS file also helps in reducing the load time of the website as this slims down the markup codes required to define a webpage.

Testing : Once you are done with all these steps you need to test the website for all the functional elements in it. You also need to make sure that the website is compatible with different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. This ensures that you have a market ready website which meets the demands of your business.

Designing a website from scratch isn’t an easy task and needs both aesthetic as well as technical skills on part of the developer. You need to zero in on a web development firm which specializes in PSD to XHTML conversion and manually codes the website. They need to adhere to the latest techniques in this custom development technique. 
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