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PSD to CSS/HTML Conversion: How it helps in making the web pages light weighted?
Posted by Adam Parker over 6 years ago

In the present day competitive world, no one has time to sit and wait for your website to load on the web browsers. Thus if you wish to increase the responses to your website, you must ensure that website is loaded quickly and highly web dynamic.

PSD to CSS / HTML conversion guarantees a quickly loaded and efficient website. PSD file helps to ascertain a unique look and appeal of the website. With the help of PSD to HTML coding, the PSD file is converted into a completely web dynamic website which offers amazing functionalities and user navigation.

But have you ever wondered what exactly helps in fast loading of the website? The answer is PSD to CSS conversion. HTML conversion for your website needs to be backed up by right PSD to CSS conversion as it reduces the amount of coding that goes into developing the website and makes the website really light weighted.

The three reasons how PSD to CSS conversion helps in quick loading and makes the webstie light weighted are discussed below:

1. Making the codes of the website really flexible – Flexible codes of the website are obtained with the help of PSD to CSS conversion. The CSS conversion allows the website designers and developers to separate the markup content (which contains the PSD to XHTML/HTML codes etc) from the presentation content of the website, which includes the style of fonts, and colors, layouts etc. This makes the website really flexible and the web pages really light weighed.

2. Systematically arranging the codes – PSD to CSS conversion helps the website designers and developers to arrange the codes of the website properly. CSS coding allows the back end developers to call a particular code repeatedly instead of writing the same each and every single time. A website has several pages and each one of them may demand for the particular code to be written repeatedly. However by allowing the code to called time and again, whenever needed, reduces the total amount of coding required. A website with less amount of codes obviously becomes light weighed and as a result is rendered more easily on the search engine browsers.

3. It allows multiple pages to share the same formatting – An extension of the above mentioned point, PSD to HTML CSS conversion allows different website pages to share the same formatting. Thus the web designers and developers need not code and re-code the different pages for a given format. This feature ascertains a uniformed and consistent look of the website and all of its web pages, and also considerably reduces the coding that goes into developing the website.

Most of the professional markup conversion companies provide PSD to CSS conversion services along with the markup conversion. If you wish to provide your website with a competitive edge and an advantage in the world of internet, you must convert PSD to CSS / HTML.
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