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Having a Pet Can Really Reduce Your Stress Level Let’s face it; have an Autism Spectrum issue can be very stressful. We can, at times, feel completely overwhelmed and under-prepared for tasks and projects, meetings, and other people. Many studies have shown that cats reduce stress, high blood pressure, and are good relaxing company. They are, by nature, very calm animals. Affirmation: I have the ability to take good care of a pet when I get all the facts I need Goal: Look into getting a pet that is just right for you-do some research and visit some shelters Tools: c.2011 Golden Sephora Life Resources
Boundaries Series: First Webinar
Boundaries Series: First Webinar Free 30-minute Webinar January 11, 2012 @ 8:30pm 02 Nov Boundaries Creating a Healthy Living Environment for Children with Behaviour Challenges A Free 10-Part Series for Parents and Primary caregivers The Series: Begin at the beginningObserve what is really going onUnderstand your children’s limitsNecessities firstDisciplineAdjust your thinkingRespectIntentionExpress yourself clearlyStay the course Register for session 1 today! Registration Form URL: