Business services for the business community

A business networking and productivity solution for the global business community.

Talkbiznow is a web-based business community  that provides  business services for small businesses and professionals .  Our mission is to simplify the essential business services and seamlessly integrate and deliver them through the internet for Free.   Our members can network,  collaborate with each other, promote and do business online at Talkbiznow.
My Workspace

The Workspace at Talkbiznow allows the individual user to view a snapshot of what is happening within their account. You can edit each individual service from one point, set your profile status, send a quick e-mail, view invites and nudges from within your networks and chat to other users who are online. You can also use the Workspace to learn more about Talkbiznow through the FAQ's that are targeted towards new and existing users.

 Find People

The powerful search functionality allows you to search within the current members of Talkbiznow. You can also use this search functionality to search Adverts and Blogs.


Your contacts are the central hub of your business networking together, B2B, P2P contacts. View people’s profile (limited and private), Nudge, Chat and Invite them to a join in a Webinar or view a new Advert. Contacts allow you to view other peoples' contacts and build business relationships with like-minded people.


Individual users can create groups. You can invite your contacts to join you in private groups, or, choose to make your groups public for everyone to join them. Groups allow you to facilitate discussions with like-minded people and see each other’s business contacts.


Send internal messages between your contacts. Messages that contain any of the key ‘Service’ words – such as ‘Webinar’ ‘Invite’ etc, will always be pre formatted and highlighted in the correct font, colour and size to help quickly identify what the purpose of the message is about and you can quickly link through to your invite at the allocated time.


Send a gentle reminder to a colleague or contact: Email, Feedback, General Reminder, Meeting, Telephone, Voice Conferencing and Just Waiting. You can also send a Nudge to friends of existing contacts as a way of building B2B relationships. As part of the Nudge functionality, you can also include a message for a more detailed nudge.


Upload, Create, Invite and Host Webinars that you have created. Invite users from your network or contacts list. Advanced security features will allow you to make your Webinar private or public, to allow linking into the Search. Use the webinar tool to view and create documents whilst users can watch, interact and engage through our Voice conferencing service.

Voice conferencing

The Talkbiznow Voice conferencing service is free of charge and allows you and your business contacts to have a conference call whenever you want, wherever you are. There are no contracts, no bills and no charges. Just a simple, low-cost way of making conference calls - you just pay for your own phone call. These charges appear on your phone bill in the same way as any other call.


Create and upload new Advertisements to share with colleagues and contacts within your networks. Make your ads private or public. Send media rich marketing tools and invite others to view and interact with your ads.


Why use multiple applications for blogging?  Choose blogs that you wish to subscribe to. Make your blogs public or private. Manage your own personal blogs. You can have as many blogs as you would like to create. Share them with your contacts and networks. You also have the option to make your blogs visible outside of Talkbiznow, on the rest of the internet.


Why not find new customers or partners in the Talkbiznow network. With a report, you can save all of the useful information to enable you to interact with your new target list quickly. Run and save reports so that you can refer back to them at any point in time.

File store

How about a free 50MB of free storage for uploading high-res photos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, movies? Use your uploaded media in Adverts, Webinars or simply for exchanging when chatting.


Make your day-to-day workflow work for you. Inextricably link all of your Talkbiznow services together and highlight from your Dashboard when you need to action tasks, send emails, host webinars and attend new presentations.


Manage your personal data and choose what information you wish to make available for other people to view. Upload multiple profile pictures and at the click of a button, select which you want to make available for everyone to see.


Use this technology to make contact with all of your contacts online. There is no longer any need to use MSN (another explorer window on your desktop) but keep up to date from one easy to use place. Add attachments, Invite multiple contacts to chat within ‘Meeting Rooms’...


Full configurability is available for every service, allowing you to change date and time format to help you carry out business tasks more effectively.

Global Push

Your own integrated email campaign tool. This can be linked to your Webstore service and can be sent to your contacts and social media users.

Social One

An advanced social media service allowing you to push messages across all of your social platforms in one go.


Your own e-commerce tool for retailing your products. The webstore is absolutely FREE and can be up and running within minutes.