Global Push

Step 1 - Create your new campaign

In order to create a Global Push email to send out to your contacts and social media contacts, you need to have created the following items: A list of whom shall recieve your campaign and a template newsletter. If you want to send the email out to your social contacts - Facebook and Twitter, you need to use the Social One service first to link these accounts to your Talkbiznow account.

First, click on 'Create new campaign'

Step 2-3 - Add your campaign details

You can fill in your campaign title, email subject, reply address and reply to name. If you have already created a template then select this too, otherwise, simply select the default template. You can also Push the campaign to your social contacts if this has been activated through Global Push. to do this, simple fill in the text that you wish to push out to them (max 140 characters).

Step 4 - Creating/selecting a campaign list

You can click on create a new campaign list simply by selecting your existing Talkbiznow contacts or by importing a CSV file from your desktop.

Step 5 - Creating/selecting a campaign template

The service comes pre-populated with campaign templates that allow you to add in your own HTML code, using special tags such as #name# to enter a persons name into the email automatically.

Step 6 - Creating a template

When creating a template, you can also add a non HTML text equivalent and by using the icon highlighted pink, you can link to your webstore if you have created one.

Once complete

Once your template is complete, you can first perform a test send of your email by entering your name and email address. Once happy, you can select to Run the campaign.