Folder View Step 1 - Folder View

You can add more folders simply by right clicking (Apple Ctr+Click) the folder and choose 'Add folder'.

You can move messages between folders by using the Menu Bar in the Email area.

Step 2 - Opening & Reading Messages

When a message has been opened, you will see that the folder icon changes.

When you click on an item to view a message, the message that you have selected turns blue to help you identify which message you are reading.

Menu Bar

Step 3 - Sending a Message

The Menu Bar allows you to compose new email messages, reply, forward, delete and move your Email messages. To move, delete, reply or forward; use the check box to the left-hand side of the message.

When adding a 'To' or 'Cc' recipient, simply start typing their name, and a drop down menu will appear with your contacts displayed.

Step 4 - Composing a Message

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to compose and format your email before sending it to your contacts.