Step 1 - Details

Enter the name and description of your webinar.

Step 2 - Date & Time

Clicking in the date box will bring up a pop-up window allowing you to select the date that you wish to host your webinar.








Step 3 - Public Status

You can choose whether to make your Webinar publicly available for non-invited members to attend.




Step 4 - Upload Your Slides

Select your image to use for each slide. You can select your slide images from your store.

Step 5 - Add Another Slide

To add more than one slide, simply select 'Add Another' and you can then choose another slide to use.

Step 6 - Invite People To Attend

You can invite people from your list of contacts, or invite people by including their external email addresses.



Step 7 - Polls

The Polls window allow you to create, view and posted questions at any point during the Webinar

Step 8 - Delegates Window

The delegates window allows you to see when new people join and leave the Webinar session

Step 9 - Chat

As well as the main chat service, the Webinar chat window allows you to ask specific questions questions inline with the Webinar presentation.