Step 1 - Connecting to your services

Select a sub-domain for your Webstore such as joe-blogs. You would then be able to navigate to your Webstore using joe-blogs.talkbiznow.com

Step 2 - Store title

Give your Webstore a title. This needs to be short, maybe a few words and can be your name, the name of your company, charity, event etc.

Step 3 - Summary

Give your Webstore a summary. This should give viewers a brief outline as to what it is you are advertising.

Step 4 - Description

Enter a description. This needs to go into more depth than the Summary and detail the key aspects.

Step 5 - Add a banner

Create a banner. Here you can enter some text and select a background and font colour and choose to display drop shadow and/or refrection. Or if you'd prefer you can upload your own background image, position it and resize it.

Step 6 - Add a video

Upload a video. You can optionally add your own FLV video to your Webstore, this will add real value it.

Step 7 - Add photos

Add your products or photos. Depending upon which type of Webstore you are creating your will have the option to add products or photos. Use this space to show viewers what your are selling or marketing.

NEW!! Buy supplying your PayPal account details, you can receive payments instantly. If you are a charity, you can also take donations through PayPal.

Step 8 - If adding a company

If adding a company - at point 10, you can link to your pictures (upload images). The map then becomes point 11 etc.

Step 9 - Add a location

Add your location. Using Google maps you can create a marker that will show the viewers where you, your shop, charity, event etc. is and from there they will be able to get directions to and from this location.