Productivity Services Tab

Step 1 - My WorkspaceTab

Located at the top of the screen, the My Workspace tab allows you to display a dashboard that helps you get the most out of Talkbiznow.

The Services include:

My Profile
What can I do with my profile?
What can I do next?
My conatcts
Members Updates
Where do you want to go?

Productivity Services Dashboard

Step 2 - Workspace items

You can drag the various items of your Workspace around to a position that bets suits you. Members feeds is useful to keep you up to date with what your contacts are doing on Talkbiznow. What should I do is useful as a guide to making the most of your time on Talkbiznow.

Step 3 - Add/Remove services

Whenever you are on a dashboard, you will notice that some of the services in the right-hand menu have a green + next to them. This indicates that you can drag the service onto your workspace and customise it to suit your own needs. Similarly, if you do not use particular services on your workspace, you can drag these to the trash can.