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Nike Running is a company founded in 2009 in Oregon, USA by runners, for runners, Nike revolutionised the concept of cushioning in shoes with it's patented 'Air' technology in 1979, and some of the most famous running shoes ever have featured the famous Swoosh logo, including the iconic Nike Air Pegasus. As part of an ongoing quest for innovation and improving the experience for runners at every level, the brand launched Nike Plus in 2006. This allows real-time tracking of data during runs which is then stored as an online log, with each member becoming part of a global running community.

Initially launched to be compatible with the Apple ipod nano for runners who love music, it was extended in in 2008 to include the Nike Plus Sportband for runners who chose to move without music. Nike started as a running company and in the words of one of the company's earliest print advertisements. 'There is no Finish Line...'
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