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Talkbiznow is a web-based business community that provides business services for small businesses and professionals.  Our mission is to simplify the essential business services and seamlessly integrate and deliver them through the internet for Free.  Our members can network, collaborate with each other, promote and do business online at Talkbiznow.

Our services can be summarised as follows:
Business networking services

We have most advanced business network in the global market today.  Our members can find
 new customers, recruit new employees, find their next career move and can use the vast array of networking services available to communicate with the Talkbiznow community.  
Business enablement services

We help get business done with collaboration and desktop services available at Talkbiznow.  These include web conferencing, voice conferencing, calendar, file store and many more.  Our business enablement services help our members save time, and increase their efficiency at work. 
Marketplace services

Talkbiznow enables businesses to
promote themselves and do business online.  Services such as Advertise enables businesses to post their own adverts for free, and drive traffic to their products and services.  Our members can also interact within our marketplace community and use all services seamlessly to promote their business.
Connect and do business online
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